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Blizzard Games

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2020 playthrough
Starcraft old!
Brood War old!

Starcraft II:
Wings of Liberty
Heart of the Swarm w/ Pat
Legacy of the Void
Nova Covert Ops
Legacy of the Void & Nova Covert Ops w/ Mesk

Warcraft w/ Dynamo
Warcraft II w/ Dynamo
Reign of Chaos
Frozen Throne

Non-Blizzard RTS

just when you thought it couldn't get any worse - listed alphabetically by franchise

Age of Empires:
Age of Empires I won't be finished
Age of Empires II won't be finished
Age of Empires III

Armies of Exigo:

Battle for Middle Earth:
BfME 1

Battle Realms:
Playlist won't be running the expansion

Command & Conquer
Tiberian Dawn, with Dynamo
Red Alert, with Dynamo
Tiberian Sun, with Dynamo
Red Alert 2, with Dynamo
Red Alert 3
Red Alert 3 Uprising

Dark Colony:
Playlist won't be finished

Halo Wars:
Halo Wars remaster
Halo Wars 2

Metal Fatigue:
Video won't be finished

Priority: Survive

Warlords Battlecry:
Warlords Battlecry
Warlords Battlecry II
Warlords Battlecry III
The Protectors mod

Planned Titles:
BfME 2 & expansions
C&C series
Empire Earth series
Imperium series
LotR: War for the Ring
Stronghold series
Three Kingdoms series
Urban Assault
Vital Device

Post-2018 LPs

now with 50% less effort - listed newest to oldest

Bioshock Infinite

F.E.A.R. 2
Playlist won't be running the expansion

Dead Space 2

Batman: Arkham Knight

Classic FPS:
Wolfenstein 3D w/ Dynamo
Doom w/ Dynamo
Doom II w/ Dynamo
Duke Nukem 3D w/ Dynamo
Quake w/ Dynamo

Deus Ex:
Deus Ex 1 won't be finished

Half-Life 1 & expansions
Half-Life 2 & DLC
Black Mesa

Metro: Last Light:

Gears of War:

Duke Nukem Forever:

Playlist includes The Revolution

Metro 2033 Redux:

Hunt Down the Freeman:

Dark Void:

Assassin's Creed Revelations:
2018 run

Prey (2017):

Dead Space:

Planned Titles:
Asscreed franchise
Doom reboot franchise
The Darkness
Dead Space 3
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
F.E.A.R. 3
God of War (2018)
Mass Effect 2, 3, Andromeda
Medal of Honor franchise (specifically 2010 and Warfighter)

Pre-2018 LPs

originally produced for public viewing - listed by year
notes written in italics below individual LPs were written at the time of recording


DOOM 2016:

Mass Effect:
Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of the worst games I've played in the past year. Scrolling down in this page will reveal just how impactful that statement should be. It wasn't stimulating, intellectually or otherwise. Hopefully the sequel is as good as everyone else claims.

Mirror's Edge: (second run)
The first let's play to be produced in the post-reddit era, this production of Mirror's Edge is actually the second time I ran the game. The title is incredibly short (no more than 5-6 hours at best), but has some pretty funny moments scattered throughout. I produced a succinct review for this production as well - the first of many to come, if I have my way.

Deadly Premonition: (w/ Pat)
What a fucking disaster this was. A truly unbelievable game lies ahead of you - one Patrick and I experienced in upwards of 4 hours at a time. Every time we thought we were done, there was another fucking insane boss fight or absolute simulation of an encounter waiting around the next corner. Playing Legacy of the Void alone really broke me, but even if it hadn't, I don't think anything could have stopped me from going completely insane as a result of playing this game. It must have taken all the radiation in Japan to make something this abominably retarded.
All videos are in 480p due to twitch being bad, but it is a goldmine of hilarity and insanity. Trigger warnings are for sure in effect for this fucking game.


Base game
Extraction Point
Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. is an interesting game for sure. The story is obviously retarded, but the mechanics of its presentation and indeed of its gameplay were surprisingly refreshing in many ways. There aren't any audio cues that are noteworthy, and the graphics aren't crazy good even for their time, but the gunplay feels as it should, and the game expects you to think on your feet when introducing new enemies with almost zero introduction. A few bullshit areas aside, the balance is generally in a good state, and I appreciated the game a lot more than I anticipated. Also, tony.


Batman: Arkham City:
I had played this when it was released back in 2011. As an ARPG and a sequel to Arkham Asylum, it has some interesting mechanics and visuals, but ultimately relies on stupid slow motion as a core gameplay mechanic, and thus feels more like a quick-time event trainer than a game for much of its running time.

I had played this ARPG over a decade ago when it was first released on the original Xbox, and had a very different memory of this bug-infested, stupid-infested piece of shit. It was still somewhat cathartic, though, so there's always that.

Aliens: Colonial Marines: (w/ Pat)
For this LP, HeroofLemon (a.k.a. Jafar) sat down to play this """"game"""" with me. It was probably the biggest mistake of his short life. Randy Pitchford really is a fucking autist.

Batman: Arkham Asylum
A very long time ago, I played a demo version of this game on console. Fast forward to present day, and the exact same issues I saw years ago still exist now. What a surprise.
It's worth noting that while I enjoyed the attention to detail the developers bestowed this game, it ultimately felt like a waste because of the shit story and shit gameplay. Aesthetically, though, most of the environments worked out.

Mirror's Edge:
As I mention several times in this sub-five hour run, Mirror's Edge is basically a dumbed-down first-person iteration of Assassin's Creed - something that I never thought would ever exist. With one of the most tacked-on stories I've ever seen and some of the most egregious and excessive uses of bloom I've ever been blinded by, this EA indie game is truly a fucking disaster.
And WHY on Goff's green testicle can I not see my own fucking tits?!!? Sexism.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood:
Opening and closing with a QTE, Brotherhood marks a decline in quality surprising even for AssCreed titles. The PC port of this game was completely overlooked during production and blatantly untested, bringing me back to the days of Ass Effect. Rest assured, there's plenty of rage in this LP.


Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter and console port by Gears of War developer Epic Games, released in 2011 and falling prey to quick-time events, camera shaking, motion blur, lens flares, and other 'cinematic' internery. With a resume like that of good ol' CliffyB, though, I really shouldn't be surprised.
But QTEs never fail to make me mad.

Assassin's Creed II:
Containing several of the dull mechanics and underpolished traits of its predecessor, Assassin's Creed II was a real fuckin' joy to play - and by fuckin' joy, I mean it fucked any joy out of me. While it wasn't the worst game I've ever played, it was certainly one of the most criminally mediocre titles I've seen in a long while, and the trend purportedly continues the closer we get to Ubisoft's most recent entries into the IP. AC2 reinforces the idea that developers really don't have any idea what they're doing because everything looks like shit in this game and no attention was paid to even the largest of crucial details in any magnitude. Oh well, lol xd!

Overlord is, up until this point in history, the most fun game I've done a let's play of. Without question, I enjoyed my time with this game more than any other game. The double-edged penis of that silver lining is that I also raged the most during my time with this title.
Despite the decent audio balance throughout Overlord's production, several unexplained performance drops occurred amidst the recording. Upon researching the issues I was having, I found that, according to other consumers, it is an unfixable problem the game has with quite a lot of hardware setups - meaning it was untested, unpolished, and unoptimised. However, much of the let's play is fine - only the final segment had severe problems enough for me to have to close and reopen the title. I do recast segment 6 because of fraps, which is denoted in the notes to that segment.


As one of the longest productions I've ever partaken in, Bioshock began in early June of 2013 and barely managed to get squeezed out in the last dying breaths of that same year. Spanning ten segments of varying lengths, my playthrough was about twelve hours long, and I left the title with mixed feelings.
The game audio in a lot of segments overpowers my voice, and there was little I could do to fix it, because if you so much as save and quit after editing the audio settings they get reset the next time you open up the game. Alt-tabbing breaks Bioshock's flimsy fullscreen mode, unhooks fraps from the window, and eventually leads to a game crash if not restarted, compounding the re-setting problem and making audio testing a wishful thought at best. These issues led to an unsatisfactory end product - one I am more than happy to leave behind as we move into 2014.

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine:
Space Marine is a fucking snoozefest, and I was bored out of my mind throughout pretty much all of my playthrough. Its few redeeming qualities are bludgeoned to death and raped postmortem by all of the immense, blatant, disgusting issues and problems that I encounter while not paying all that much attention. I'm tired of testing released products. At least THQ is dead.
On an equally-frustrating note, there were a fair bit of lag spikes that came up at random, and they make the LP a bit jittery to watch at times. I blame THQ and Relic (and Blizzard), but I can't really be sure what the cause of it was. Maybe I was just low on disk space or something.

Assassin's Creed:
Our first (recorded) foray into the realms of Ubisoft is not a promising one, nor is it remotely enjoyable. Because of the sheer boredom of this game, and by proxy, the LP, I can only comfortably recommend that you view the first segment and the last segment. That's four out of thirteen hours. Most of those segments are boring, and the rest of the segments are extremely boring. My review sums it up quite well, if I do say so myself.
Another important thing to note is that the audio of this LP in particular is disgustingly imbalanced. The game resets its own audio every time you close it, AND you can't minimise without unhooking it from fullscreen permanently. What a pain in my ass.

Heart of the Swarm: (first run; duo w/ Mark)
Mareq, also known to me as Mark, sat down with me to share in the misery of this particularly disgusting lard train. StarCraft II: Hard of the Swarm promises to be brain-damagingly bad, and it delivers on that promise. What follows is our LP, and subsequently, our review.
We will probably co-cast Legacy of Avoid, as well, assuming that'll be out in the next three years or so.

Mass Effect: (2013 run, incomplete)
The adventures of Grape Shepard begin with Mass Defect, one of the most disgusting games I've ever played to have such a massive and beloved following. I make multiple references to it being the "worst 'best' game", and while it probably isn't quite as overblown by its fanbase, there was a lot of false advertising that preceded my LP.
And yes, I do plan to do the rest of the series. As a black man. Or maybe an Indian salesman. Time will tell.


in no particular order

Fraud Nights
Game nights with the boys

Half-Life: Steamy Pitchford Edition
A single segment of the steam version of Half-Life, complete with busted ass UVs and Pitchford's textures.

By Design

Spoken Word Reviews & Rants:

Big Boys Pump & Dumps:
Diablo III
This run wasn't finished initially due to a lack of free time for the players. However, Nekron's voiding cemented the one video as standalone. A second session was recorded but needed to be edited and as such isn't available.
Recommended to me by Dynamo. We completed this insane adventure just before playing Legends of Arkain, which was much less enjoyable.

Pat and I smash Portal in no time at all. I did make him nauseous a few times, at least.

Sonic 3D: Fraudcast
Joined by a few members from my discord server and armed with autism, I journey through the twisted nether made manifest by the 3D titles of Sonic franchise.

Metro 2033
This run wasn't finished as I deemed the original game too similar to the redux to warrant completing. The two completed segments are still available for viewing.

Halo SPV3 Mod:

C&C RA3 East Indian Crusade:

Assassin's Creed Revelations: (2016 run)

Mass Effect 2: (w/ Mark)

Bioshock 2:

Brutal Legend:
Aborted due to copyright strikes

Overlord 2:
Part 1

Pr0nogo's Massive Dickery: (comedic video series)