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Date Event Chronology Tagline Notes
c. 2400 Tuzor born
May 2467 Goska born
Jun 2499 Francisco Goska, a Confederate ghost operative, is infested by Tuzor's brood when the swarm invades an outlying Terran colony.
Apr 2500 Stroluum born
Apr 2500 The Zerg swarm invades Aiur, and the Protoss Conclave begins to collapse. Raynor and his raiders join forces with the surviving vanguard in a desperate bid to safeguard Aiur. Episode III:
The Fall
Apr 2500 Two weeks after the Overmind embeds itself on the crust of Aiur, a Terran distress signal originating from the province of Aelar is intercepted by Raynor's Raiders, and a team is dispatched to investigate. Inconsummate
Apr 2500 In the wake of Stroluum's silence, Goska is dispatched to assassinate the local commander of Raynor's Raiders, and find the location of the wayward marshal. Ambushed by concerted Zerg resistance, the infested's puppets fall to pieces, and the Magnate reveals itself as very much alive. Stroluum tests its mettle against the adjacent Raiders camp and Algannor's vanguard, and with valuable intel gained from Goska's subsequent infiltration, the agents of Tuzor prove victorious, securing the border of Aelar and Vakaria for the swarm. Act of God A group of Raynor's Raiders respond to a distress signal in the infested province of Aelar. The coordination between Stroluum and Goska serves as an atmospheric onboarding experience for both veteran players and those of a lesser caliber. Despite this, the scale is apparent early on, with large scale attacks sourced from the Protoss and Terran enemies.
Apr 2500 The Magnate returns to its master, having carved a path for Zerg movement in the region. Tuzor dispatches its lieutenants to deal with a troublesome Praetor while Araq's Jormungand brood licks its collective wounds. Though Fenix's weary warband puts up a significant fight, the combined swarms of Goska and Stroluum claim Antioch in a decisive action. Praetor's Fall The firstborn succumb to hubris as the swarm marches on. Araq's failure presents Tuzor with an opportunity. Stroluum leads an assault on Antioch and its forces "slay" Fenix, giving the player a unique perspective on the cinematic that showcased this in The Fall.
Apr 2500 With Fenix meeting his supposed end in Antioch, Gorn and a rejuvenated Araq press into Protoss territory. Algannor is summoned to aide in Harun'dal's defense, but not before the Cerebrates make significant headway. In the meanwhile, Tuzor employs Goska's talents once again, seeking to cripple the Raiders' supply lines. The young Cerebrate's agents march on Aviton, and deal with the mining operations and the local Starports. In the final moments of the battle, Goska is ordered to execute Michaels, and Gorn and Araq fall suspiciously silent. Sins of the Follower Goska's talents are put to use as the swarm makes ready to hamstring the Terran meddlers. The player commands Goska for the first time in this mission, coordinating attacks with an AI-controlled Stroluum from the opposite hemisphere of the map.
Apr 2500 In addition to the two Cerebrates, the Magnate is revealed to have vanished. Goska is sent to investigate the last known location of Gorn and Araq - the province of Harun'dal. Shortly upon arriving, the infested faces threats from multiple Zerg broods, and Protoss interference soon becomes apparent. Gorn's death is later confirmed, and Tuzor swiftly orders the temple courtyard levelled, and its interior searched for the late Cerebrates' objectives. Before Goska can find them, however, he is confronted by a shrouded templar. The Harvest Gorn goes unexpectedly silent. Tuzor has a startling revelation. Stroluum becomes unstable. Gorn and Araq take the place of the nameless Cerebrates slain by Zeratul in Shadow Hunters. This prompts confusion and infighting in the Zerg ranks, and lets us see the notably collected Tuzor show a little instability now that it is very much on its own.
Apr 2500 The wayward Magnate follows the edict of the Overmind as passed through the corpse of Gorn, arriving at Harun'dal as Goska departs with the Cipher. The tireless Nerazim takes particular interest in Stroluum and alerts Algannor's vanguard to the beast's presence, prompting a three-way between the Conclave's servants, the feral Zerg, and Stroluum's swarm. Eventually, the Magnate makes its way to Gorn's remains, and finds a use for the dead flesh, as was ordered. Birthright All is not yet well with the Magnate of the Swarm. A veiled alliance takes shape in the shadows. The newest addition to Inconsummate, this mission allows Gorn some additional story significance, closing out the dead Cerebrate's arc in a small but meaningful manner. The Magnate also receives further development, and its inclusion here allows for its final scene to feel more grounded.
Apr 2500 The Conclave's fortress city of Khor-shakal lies within the swarm's grasp. Inheriting the remains of the Baelrog and Jormungand broods, Tuzor offers them to Kagg in return for the deployment of the terrible Surtur legions. The hungering Cerebrate accepts and eagerly besieges the outskirts of the city, paving the way for Tuzor and Goska to make landfall with hive clusters of their own. A grueling battle ensues, and though the Zerg destroy the Great Forum and purge the Protoss of their Judicators, the Overmind falls to the might of Tassadar. To Free
the Beast
Tuzor demands the blood of the firstborn, but a fallen executor makes the ultimate sacrifice. The most chilling part of this mission was always its conclusion, but the unshackling of Kagg and the Surtur brood makes for a great moment in and of itself - one that pervades the mission from beginning to end.
May 2500 The few surviving Raiders form an alliance of convenience with Goska in order to survive the rampant Zerg. After a tough skirmish, the Terrans eventually secure access to a Starport, and evacuate the immediate area in search for greener pastures, with the infested wearing handcuffs. Stroluum arrives as Goska departs, the Magnate seeking to follow through on the next edict of the Overmind, and secure dominance over Tuzor, who lingers in the province in a state of shock. Reap; Sow As the swarm turns on its own, Goska determines the true price of his freedom. The player is meant to suspect the potential for foul play in Goska's "deal", something the original version did adequately enough. With a larger map this time around, I'll have more room to play with that potentiality, and Stroluum's post-credit scene will be a fully-fledged macro section worthy to conclude the project.
May 2500 Moments after the death of the Overmind, the surviving Protoss attempt to salvage their ruined homeworld. Bloodfaust Act I Forthcoming.
May 2500 With the odds stacked against them, the Conclave's forgotten seek solace from the Nerazim and the swarm. Bloodfaust Act II Forthcoming.
Jun 2500 A warrior most storied returns to his lost homeworld, and the swarm experiences a new mutiny. Herald of the Flame Forthcoming.
Jun 2500 Having failed Zhakur for the last time, the Taskmaster is given his final orders. Apostasy Forthcoming.
Aug 2500 The Overmind's heir is nearly complete. The snake must be separated from its head. Sun Eater Forthcoming.
Oct 2500 A place of great fear; where gods go to die. Xibalba Forthcoming.