Project: Nemesis

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Project: Nemesis flips the perspectives of campaign missions, pitting up to three human players against a single, powerful AI enemy. Each mission will have its own executable and a large host of balance changes, and sample from the Hydra game state to varying extents. The focus of Nemesis instead lies in creating compelling large-scale build and destroy maps with one faction challenging multiple players.

Though originally envisioned for Remastered, Nemesis now finds its home in 1.16.1, with powerful engine improvements by Neiv, iquare, FaRTy1billion, KYSXD, and myself. Scenarios are designed to occupy even experienced players for hours, with par times ranging from 50 minutes to bordering on 2 hours. Where human players are missing, AI-controlled allies take command, allowing support for even a single human player to contend with their opponents. Unlike many of my other projects, Nemesis is designed with a fixed amount of randomization to support replayability, and serves as a more arcade-like experience than most custom RTS projects.

More coming soon.