a Xibalba story


This version of Inconsummate is a redux of the original edition and features completely redone maps, voice acting, and custom art. One new mission bridges the gap between The Harvest and To Free the Beast, and new tech further distinguishes the project from its peers. The setpieces of Inconsummate persist, but are better incorporated than they were in the preceding version, facilitating organic and dynamic gameplay that provides some replay value in addition to a superior product the first run through.

The story of Inconsummate is refined, with its rough edges sanded off and its presentation through gameplay and environmental storytelling significantly improved. Several story beats have been rearranged or reimagined to better encapsulate the central theme of control, and to better set the stage for the sequels. With more consistent characterization of each character and faction involved, the setting will be better equipped to handle the stories that will follow.

Inconsummate samples the following tech from the Hydra framework:

Inconsummate offers the following unique tech:

Character Listing

Pending updates.

Though a youngling among its peers, Tuzor has already lead several successful military campaigns against a myriad of foes, striking down the seasoned Terrans of the Dominion, the feral brood of Zasz, and the vanguard of Aiur. Its penchant for bioengineering led to the creation of Stroluum, which proved instrumental in the initial invasion of the Protoss homeworld. Though bound to the Overmind as all Zerg are, Tuzor's youth and ambition often makes it the recipient of its fellow Cerebrates' scorn.

Few members of the swarm have as short and as significant a history as Stroluum. Conceived by Tuzor as a manner to focus the capabilities of a Cerebrate into a battle-ready strain of Zerg, the Magnate experiment soon drew the attention of the Overmind itself. Stroluum's capacity for controlling small swarms is indisputable, and its abilities on the battlefield are beyond reproach, but its gestation was rushed to allow its participation in Aiur's invasion. As such, any faults in the Magnate's design are yet to be discovered, let alone resolved.

A senior Cerebrate and master of the Baelrog brood, Gorn once served as a competent aide of Zasz, taking its former leader's place after the meddling of the Nerazim. Since the Overmind's landfall on Aiur, Gorn has been tasked with the destruction of the Protoss leadership, and now leads a number of younger Cerebrates to accomplish that goal. With Tuzor among them, Gorn's proclivity for conventional tactics has already caused friction with the upstart's more unorthodox methods, but so long as the two have a mutual objective, their efficacy is hard to dispute.

One of the veteran Cerebrates participating in the war on Aiur, Araq commands the Jormungand brood and acts as Gorn's second in command. Their swarms often travel together, acting as practiced partners in their movements against their foes. Araq itself prefers to gain a solid foothold against any would-be opponents, and often provides cover for Gorn's more aggressive assaults before following up with a larger, consolidated strike into enemy territory. This conservative approach helps to make Araq's cooperation with Gorn all the more deadly, but when the Baelrog brood is absent, the Jormungand brood is less effective - something often criticized by the other Cerebrates.

Perhaps the most ruthless of the Overmind's servants, Kagg oversees the Surtur brood, a vicious and near-uncontrollable swarm that is only deployed when absolutely necessary. The Cerebrate itself is a rather unsympathetic creature, believing other Zerg unfit for the tasks given to them - a position not entirely unfounded, given the brutal efficiency of its minions. Kagg often seeks to overwhelm its foes with sheer numbers, without much care for any allies its brood may trample in the process. In the face of such results, Tuzor in particular has taken umbrage with the master of the Surtur swarm, believing there to be a better, more elegant way to deal with the Overmind's foes.

Francisco Goska
As an ex-confederate ghost operative, Goska's past is unknown to all but him and his former handlers. The operative's journey to Aiur appears rooted in a desire to assist in the war against the swarm, but as with any black ops agent from a derelict government, his true colors may yet be revealed.

Terrence Michaels
Michaels is the de facto commander of Raynor's Raiders while the marshal is away. Like many among his own ranks, Michaels served in the Confederacy shortly after the Guild Wars, and bailed from the dying nation to avoid persecution at the hands of Arcturus Mengsk. With nowhere else to call home and his only other options being piracy or prison, Michaels has formed a quick but strong bond with his fellow raiders, feeling a sense of responsibility for their safety and prosperity.

Having only recently taken up the mantle of Praetor, Algannor has faced Aiur's most trying times head on. Leading the Protoss of Vakaria in their efforts against the swarm, the young templar has his work cut out for him if he is to prove his mettle as both a warrior and a commander. Though fiercely loyal to the Conclave, Algannor can't help but let doubt erode his hopes of a restored Aiur.

Mission Listing

Detailed mission descriptions forthcoming.

Act of God

  • 176x128
  • ~60 minute Zerg macro; one Terran enemy (Michaels); one Protoss enemy (Algannor)
  • Set on Aiur; border of Aelar and Vakaria - jungle

Praetor's Fall

  • 192x128
  • ~75 minute Zerg macro; AI ally (Goska); three Protoss enemies (Fenix)
  • Set on Aiur; Antioch - jungle

Sins of the Follower

  • 176x192
  • ~75 minute Zerg macro; AI ally (Goska); two Terran enemies (Michaels)
  • Set on Aiur; Aviton - jungle

The Harvest

  • 192x192
  • ~75 minute Zerg macro; four Zerg enemies (feral Zerg/Gorn); one Protoss enemy (Algannor)
  • Set on Aiur; Harun'dal - jungle


  • 192x192
  • ~75 minute Zerg macro; two Zerg enemies (feral Zerg); two Protoss enemies (Algannor, Nerazim)
  • Set on Aiur; Harun'dal - jungle

To Free the Beast

  • 224x256
  • ~90 minute Zerg macro; AI allies (Tuzor, Kagg); four Protoss enemies (Aldaris)
  • Set on Aiur; Khor-shakal - jungle

Reap; Sow

  • size TBD
  • ~45 minute Terran macro into ~30 minute Zerg macro; AI ally (Protoss); four Zerg enemies (feral Zerg/Tuzor)
  • Set on Aiur; Laroth - jungle