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Project: HYDRA is a comprehensive overhaul of the first three official Starcraft campaigns, for SCBW version 1.16.1. It features revisioned maps, AI, techtrees, objectives, and dialogue in an effort to design an experience meaningfully removed from what is offered by the 20+ year old missions and races designed by Blizzard.

The following downloads are available:

The following documentation is available:

Cawtributors (and those interested in contributing) should reference the task sheet, and the art sheet. Bug reports can be submitted via my contact info. See the bottom of the FAQ for more info.

Community games are organized using Radmin VPN, a free and seemingly lightweight network utility.

  • Download Radmin VPN
  • Join the No Frauds Club network with the following credentials:
    • Network name: FRAUDSCLUB
    • Password: toddad69
  • Create and join Starcraft games by launching Starcraft, selecting Multiplayer, and selecting Local Area Network (UDP)
  • Join the No Frauds Club discord server to organize community games in real time

If your Radmin VPN is stuck on "waiting for adapter response", it is likely that the software's driver did not install correctly or was somehow corrupted. The only known fix for this is to reinstall the program.


Q: Will there be melee support?
A: Yes. I will be looking to complete at least one of the vanilla campaigns before setting my sights on melee balancing, but many of HYDRA's changes are being vetted in a melee, player versus player environment. There is melee AI support that will continue to evolve over time.

Q: Because of the sheer number of changes to the game, isn't this project no longer "really Starcraft"?
A: I've always seen Starcraft as the glass ceiling of RTS: it's the best, but not without its faults. I want to push the game more toward a direction that I enjoy as a player without sacrificing what makes Starcraft great to play. This involves cutting down on point-and-click active abilities, increasing the risk and reward of positional gameplay, and removing some of the less exciting APM sinks, like spam-moving your Goliaths and Dragoons up a ramp. The goal is more fun and a higher skill ceiling, so that even though good players are rewarded and poor players are punished, both can have fun. The value of my work will be judged on the basis of how well I meet that goal.

Q: To what extent are you supplying new voice acting?
A: Many new transmissions from new and vanilla units are present in HYDRA. Some characters, such as Zasz and Fenix, have received new voices and dialogue. The vast majority of original transmissions and characters have remained untouched. New units have new unit responses. The few stock characters that have been revoiced are done so to better support the change in level design and gameplay pacing, and efforts have been made to retain the character of the original voiceovers.

Q: Will you be updating the unreleased maps, such as Biting the Bullet, Operation: Silent Scream, or the vanilla Zerg and Protoss tutorials?
A: I have no plans to revisit these maps. The game assumes a level of competence from the player that negates the need for tutorials, and Operation: Silent Scream is a micro mission. Biting the Bullet has more potential than the others, and with the tutorial cut and the fusion of Wasteland and Backwater Station, refurbishing Bullet would bring us back up to a clean 10 maps. As such, it may be considered once the bulk of the maps have entered polishing stages.

Q: Will you be remaking Brood War, Enslavers, Insurrection, Retribution, etc?
A: Brood War is a maybe, and the rest are a no. If I still find myself making Starcraft content by the time the three vanilla campaigns are revamped for HYDRA, and I want to continue with the new game state documented below, I will likely make original campaigns as opposed to relying on existing content. Many of my smaller projects will also be using some of the tech additions of HYDRA, as I feel they lend to a more fun game state than classic Starcraft.

Q: I'm a content developer. Can I use HYDRA, either in part or in full, for my own work?
A: Yes. You can pull out all audiovisual assets for use in your own projects, you can use the tilesets in your maps, and you can even equip your SCMDraft 2 profile with HYDRA's mpq to make maps using the new tech and tiles (more info on custom profiles/mpqs in the Mapping Starter Guide). I consider the project open-source, so have at it.

Q: How can I learn more about HYDRA?
A: You can track development on my youtube channel and discuss the project on the No Frauds Club discord server and forum.

Q: I want to help!
A: There are several ways you can help HYDRA's development. If any of them interest you, reach out via discord or email.

  • Become fraudulent by giving your thoughts during/after our multiplayer playtesting sessions organized via discord.
  • Become epic by creating melee maps and custom scenarios for us to play during our game days/nights.
  • Become Ackmed-tier by putting your programming and/or 2D/3D artistry skills to use.
  • Or you can send me and the cawtributors money. But why would you do that when you can become Ackmed?

Q: I found a bug or issue!
A: HYDRA has tons of bugs and issues, so this is not unexpected. Read on for instructions on bug reports.

What happened?
Explain the issue concisely and with clear terms. Screenshots or video recordings can sometimes help with these reports. If there was a crash, freeze, or desync, describe what was happening prior to the game-ending event.

Is it a memory exception crash?
If a small window with a red X appeared and displayed a long hexadecimal error code, please do the following:
Open the most recently-updated .ERR file in your Starcraft/Errors directory. Find the final large block of text, starting with 'PROGRAM VERSION:', and attach it with your bug report.

Is it a plugin panic?
If a small window appeared with "[pluginname] panic!", with [pluginname] usually being 'Aise', please do the following:
Open your aise.log text file located in your betahydra.exe directory. Copy the last 100 or so lines (including the error printout) and attach it with your bug report.

Is it reproducible?
Reproducible errors are significantly easier to resolve than uncommon issues. If you can reproduce the issue, I should be able to as well, so let me know how you did it!

A note on plugin crashes
Memory exception crashes with very high hexadecimal error codes are almost universally plugin crashes. If you can reproduce a plugin crash, you can use a debugger such as olydebug and attach it to Starcraft's process in order to uncover more information about the issue.