Deliverance is a singleplayer Protoss campaign based around a "what-if" scenario involving the Umojan Protectorate during the fall of Aiur. Following a pair of Praetors and their Judicator, the events of Deliverance chronicle a psionic experiment undertaken by the Umojans with the goal of mind controlling a Cerebrate.

With nine planned missions and several techtree changes lifted from Project: Hydra, Deliverance presents an intimate narrative and mission design that focuses less on linear setpieces and more on freer expression. The tale told by Deliverance will set the stage for a larger universe, with future installments planned.

Character Listing

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Mission Listing

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  1. Broken Armistice
  2. The Warrior’s Anvil
  3. Aberrance
  4. The Protectorate
  5. Reclamation
  6. The Hegemony
  7. Procession
  8. The Great Retaliation
  9. Cimmerian

Broken Armistice

SIZE: 160x160
DIRECTION: Medium protoss macro; AI ally (Asalamir); three zerg enemies; medium tech (reaver, observer, scout, citadel)
LOCATION: Aviton, Scion, Antioch (briefing); Alnathok (in-game)

The Warrior's Anvil

SIZE: 224x160
DIRECTION: Large protoss macro; AI allies (Asalamir, Nerazan); two zerg enemies; one terran enemy; medium tech (templar archives)