Player Colors
Compiled by DarkenedFantasies

Sourced from this google doc

Creating player colors in SC:R
Only one color value is needed for tunit entries; the first pixel is used by the game and approximates the rest of the player color.
On one hand, it severely reduces the workload of having to handpick matching colors, and allows for a greater range of possible dark shades. However, this removes the possibility of creating more elaborate color schemes through the mixing of different colors.

Creating player colors in 1.16.1
Unlike SC:R, all eight pixels are applied for the color scheme. It is not required to use different color values for all pixels.
As noted above, this allows the creation of more elaborate color schemes, but darker schemes may suffer from the limited palette (concessions may have to be made, resulting in flatter colors).

Using custom player colors
Download the latest colorlist, or make your own colors and add them to the game\tunit and game\tminimap pcx files.
In SCMDraft 2, create or modify a custom profile if you haven't done so already, and add tunit.pcx and tminimap.pcx to your custom mpq in said profile.
In 1.16.1, configure the mtl plugin by importing a samase\mtl.ini file (with one new line if you don't intend to use other functions of mtl), then add tunit and tminimap to your custom exe.
In 1.2+, put mtl.ini in a samase\ directory, put tunit and tminimap in a game\ directory, and compile your mod with samase.