The sequel to Mapcraft is here, and it's even smellier than you imagined! When the stream starts, participants have a set amount of time to complete a build & destroy RTS map. Submissions are then played live in the order I receive them. The creator of the 'best' (as voted via community poll) submission is rewarded with a bright pink discord role on my server for two weeks. Participants who are not ready when their time is up are disqualified from winning, but their submission will still be played if it's completed before the stream ends. Voting usually ends roughly two days after the poll goes up, with tiebreakers decided by my mood at the time.

Remember that the purpose of mapcrap is primarily for entertainment, and also serves as a developer's workshop. There is no level of skill required to participate so long as you can follow the rules below and take whatever banter may come your way. Happy crapping!

Mapcrap events are held every other Saturday, starting between 1000 and 1200 EST. If times or dates are not ideal, post in the #mapcrap channel on my discord server to discuss possible reschedulings.


  • Submission files (e.g. map/mod) must be brand new, created at the start of the event
  • Grace time is allowed for contestants who begin late, using the honor system
  • Map must adhere to a randomly selected theme from the list of themes
  • Map must be completed during an event's corresponding livestream to be eligible for voting
  • Map can be produced in the following engines: SCBW, WC3, SC2, AoE 2-3, Exigo, RA 1-2, C&C 1-3
  • Map can not be produced in the following engines: RA3, Dark Colony, SC:R
  • Map must include build and destroy gameplay in some form
  • Map must be completable in singleplayer mode, with a targeted completion time of 30-40 minutes
  • Map must not include excessive grinding, time-wasting, or player annoyances ("insane" AI, infinitely rebuilding AI, annoying map/base layout, dialogue spams, etc)

Time Allotted:

  • SCBW, RA2, AoE2: 4 hours
  • WC3, AoE3, Exigo: 5 hours
  • SC2, C&C3: 6 hours


  1. Map must have functional AI
  2. Map must be a parody of a previous submission
  3. Map must feature a mythological or religious figure
  4. Map must be filled with implied sexuality
  5. Map must include the void!!!!!!!
  6. Map must include 3 of the contestant's previous themes (or a random assortment of 3)
  7. Map must have gifts for the player
  8. Map must include two separate player-controlled factions
  9. Map must have bad puns
  10. Map must mock the creator
  11. Map must be about dogs
  12. Map must be littered with typos
  13. Map must have poor color choice (player color, text color, etc)
  14. Map must have overt exposition
  15. Map must have horrible grammar
  16. Map must include a morally-reprehensible protagonist
  17. Map must have an overpowered unit
  18. Creator chooses their theme
  19. Map must be as edgy as possible
  20. Map must not use a stock setting
  21. Map must contain invincible units (that impact gameplay in some way)
  22. Map must have advertisements
  23. Map must have obnoxious usage of breaks in game flow (cutscenes, pauses, etc)
  24. Map must quote community members
  25. Map must be misleading or fraudulent
  26. Map must be about the quality of a Blizzard game
  27. Map must be about a historical war
  28. Map must *roleplay*
  29. Map must include character who speaks only in a non-English language
  30. Map must change the races involved in a previously-released map (à la SC Alternate)
  31. Map must include anime
  32. Map must include two random themes from this list
  33. Map must have a story that is morally ambiguous
  34. Map must feature a community member
  35. Map must include police
  36. Map must include a specialbus character (e.g. Flame Knives, Aeon of the Hawk, SC2, Antioch)
  37. Map must crash
  38. Map must have a plot twist
  39. Pick a theme, then swap your theme with that of another contestant
  40. Map must win itself eventually
  41. Map must contain broken AI
  42. Map must feature Ackmed
  43. Map must include fourth wall breaks
  44. Map must feature channel/server memes
  45. Map must include an arena or competition
  46. Map must be set inside tony
  47. Map must insult the player's intelligence
  48. Map must include a conspiracy theory
  49. Map must be about a rebellion or a resistance
  50. Map must have a secret ending
  51. Map must involve copious amounts of pizza
  52. Map must include exploration
  53. Map must be spooky O_O
  54. Map must mock the winner of the previous mapcrap
  55. Map must have alternative victory conditions
  56. Map must be pretentious
  57. Map must include player choice
  58. Map must mock pr0nogo
  59. Map must feature an original protagonist
  60. Map must include a character death
  61. Map must have a secret victory condition
  62. Map must be a simulation
  63. Map must be a sequel to a user-made map
  64. Map must have ambiguous victory conditions
  65. Map must cheer the player on
  66. Map must restore the player's faith in humanity
  67. Map must not include any dialogue
  68. Map must use an excessive amount of doodads
  69. Map must make the player really uncomfortable and embarrassed (cringe)
  70. Map must include or reference current events
  71. Map must include one major opponent using multiple factions
  72. Map must be politically incorrect
  73. Map must have too many mines
  74. Map must include a president of the United States
  75. Map must have rhyming dialogue
  76. Map must include a non-specialbus character from a fan campaign
  77. Map must contain celebrations
  78. Map must contain voice acting
  79. Map must wish someone a happy birthday
  80. Map must have too many neutral units
  81. Map must use a different setting (e.g. a movie, TV show, book, etc)
  82. Map must involve mind control
  83. Map must include petty drama
  84. Map must include excessive trees
  85. Map must include magic
  86. Map must be presented like a television show
  87. Map must have custom music
  88. Map must have fucked pathfinding
  89. Map must be vegan
  90. Map must be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  91. Map must have too many men
  92. Map must involve clowns, frogs, or The Antioch Chronicles
  93. Map must break copyright law
  94. Map must blow bears
  95. Map must offend the Chinese government
  96. Map must include marketers

-Team night: map must be made by a randomly-selected team of 2
-Insanity: map must include 5 randomly-rolled themes
-Polished Turds: map must be an updated version of a randomly-selected earlier submission
-Campaigncrap: maps must tell a coherent story together
-Holidaycrap: maps must relate to an adjacent holiday or special occasion
-Full Toilet: submissions are created over a two-week period

Campaigncrap themes:

  1. Campaign must feature a community member
  2. Campaign must feature Ackmed
  3. Campaign must be about dogs
  4. Campaign must concern the quality of Blizzard products
  5. Campaign must be from the perspective of an antihero
  6. Campaign must be partially or completely inside tony
  7. Campaign must include a character death
  8. Campaign must include the void!!!!!!! O_O
  9. Campaign must include player choice
  10. Campaign must be about a rebellion or a resistance
  11. Campaign must be about a historical war
  12. Campaign must make the player cringe
  13. Campaign must include police
  14. Campaign must include a president of the United States
  15. Campaign must be politically incorrect
  16. Campaign must feature a mythological or religious figure
  17. Campaign must include anime
  18. Campaign must be a simulation
  19. Campaign must include a specialbus character (e.g. Flame Knives, Aeon of the Hawk, SC2, Antioch)
  20. Campaign must involve copious amounts of pizza
  21. Campaign must be as edgy as possible
  22. Campaign must include magic
  23. Campaign must be presented like a television show

Full Toilet:
Full Toilet is a two week long event, designed to encourage our resident crappers to produce something of higher quality and to encourage those who were unable to make the shorter events to participate in the crapping. Outside of the event's duration, Full Toilet's rules are virtually unchanged from that of a standard-fare mapcrap event: the only other difference is that a more aggressively-pruned list is used, and contestants are able to have their theme re-rolled if they aren't happy with the first one they receive. No special signup is required for Full Toilet; just let me know if you're participating and what game you'll be making your submission for, and make sure your submission adheres to the mapcrap rules at the top of this document.

Full Toilet events are still in the 'beta' phase. After a few of them have been held, the community will decide how frequently they should be present for. Much like the standard mapcrap events, Full Toilet will conclude with playthroughs of each submission in the order they were received. Submissions must be sent to me before I complete my playthrough stream or they will not be played!

Full Toilet pilot: 10 Aug to 24 Aug
Contestants can begin whenever it is the 10th of August in their time zone. Submissions are due before the end of my stream, which will begin at 1200 EDT on the 24th of August. To make my life easier, please try to send me the map before the stream begins.