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Though this document was originally envisioned by Church (aka Jim_Raynor), I have maintained the listing since the mid 2010s. It is the most complete collection of information regarding Brood War custom campaigns. In the future I will be collecting a list of high-profile melee mods, as well as creating a separate listing for incomplete campaigns. If you have sourced information to provide, contact me directly.

Please remember that:
-Many of these campaigns have mod components that will only function on version 1.16.1 or older.
-Any modded remastered projects will not be hosted within the mega download listing. Instead, the download links will point to the author's project thread on various forums.
-All mod files I’m aware of work exclusively on Windows (i.e. no Mac support).
-Some mod files are so old that they do not currently function with modern Windows OS, and I am in the process of updating them so that they may be experienced again. If you find such files in the listing, reach out and let me know about them.

A note on remakes: 4 May 2020
As originality is in short supply, many remakes of either official or fan-made content have surfaced of late. Know that I will not be adding such content to the visual archive or the download listing. If you contact me with information or download links regarding remakes, you will almost certainly not get a response. On the other hand, if you notice a remake in my listing, feel free to let me know so I can delete it.

Other useful links:
1.16.1 installation guide
chainwmode by Neiv (windowed mode for 1.16.1 or older)
My discord server

Visual Archive

If "Version" is left blank, the campaign should work on any version of Starcraft.
If the entry's background color is a light yellow, the campaign is missing files.
If the entry's background color is a light red, I do not possess a copy of the campaign.
If you know of any missing information or files, please contact me and include sources for your corrections.


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Apr Terran and Protoss War Part 1 Unknown
Apr Terran and Protoss War Part 2 Unknown
Apr Crysalis Unknown
Apr AiurGax Krusek
May Terran and Protoss War Part 3 Unknown
May The Lost Sheep Unknown
Jun The Antioch Chronicles I: Psionic Storm Auspex Studios 1.04, 1.16.1 Click
Jun Terran and Protoss War Part 4A Unknown
Jun Battle for New Troy David McLean
Jul Fringe Wars Peter Gage
Jul The Retaking of Illian David McLean
Jul Jim Raynor's Story Unknown
Jul Terran Prologue Campaign Sam Hawes
Jul StarCraft II: The Eternal Flame Unknown
Jul StarCraft: Insurrection Aztec New Media Click Click
Aug New Avalon Daedalus Infinity
Aug Return of the Zerg Artent
Aug Red Dragon Greyham, Havocleaver, Wham~Bam
Sep Retaking Tarsonis Fredrik Björeman
Oct Alliances Varanus Click
Oct The Dark Templar Hivemaster
The Bob Levels Tim 1.16.1 Click
Stellar Forces MicroStar
StarCraft: Retribution WizardWorks Software Click Click
Stratospace Unknown


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Spring War of the Tribes Gabriel Sorrel 1.16.1 Click
Feb Badlands Klorr
Mar The Fenix Desler 1.16.1 Click
Apr New Avalon II Daedalus Infinity
Apr Reclamation of Aiur Sharandar 1.16.1 Click Click
Apr The Mind Wars Unknown
May Palinchron Concordance Varanus 1.04, 1.16.1 Click
Jun The Antioch Chronicles II: Negative Suns Auspex Studios 1.04, 1.16.1 Click
Jun Rebirth of the Swarm Striker
Jun The Scion VI Saga Striker, Starship Trooper 1.16.1
Jul Legacy of the Confederation I: Past Purposes The Oracle 1.04, 1.16.1 Click Click
Jul Liberation J.D., DarkStorm 1.04, 1.16.1 Click Click
Jul Space Hulk Rudder
The Bob Levels 2 Tim 1.16.1 Click
Aug The Bob Levels 3 Tim 1.16.1 Click
Aug Recolonize Mar Sara Whiplash Omega
Aug Fall from Grace Desler 1.04, 1.16.1 Click Click
Sep The Relics of the Xel'Naga Tassadar124
Oct Vision of the Future RazorClawX 1.04, 1.16.1 Click Click
Nov After Brood War Gabble Click
Nov Legacy of the Confederation II: Dawn of Darkness The Oracle 1.04, 1.16.1 Click Click
Dec Final Chapter JY Lacombe
Dec Dark Cold Unknown
The Alliance Sodon
Mar Sara I - Rise of Power Da Reaper
Mar Sara II - Dark Swarm Da Reaper
Seeds of Corruption StarCraftMarine


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Apr Space Madness John Goodrich
Jul Forgotten World Gabble
Jul Celestial Irruption Desler 1.07 Click Click
Aug The Praetor Daexan Campaign 1 - Allies Whiplash Omega
Fall Temporal Distortion Lotharan 1.16.1
The Shifters JudasCloud 1.16.1 Click Click
The Birth of Tassadar Sodon Click Click
-- Legend of the Phoenix Da Reaper 1.04, 1.16.1


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Mar Vision of the Future 2 - Black Dream RazorClawX 1.16.1 Click
May Legacy of the Confederation: Fallen Angel The Oracle 1.04?, 1.16.1 Click Click
Jun Laros Wars Unknown
Jun The Revolt of Korhal Brandy, Matteo, and Kaleb Translated
Jul Starcraft Terran Campaign Cman11
Jul Vision of the Future 3 - Prophecy RazorClawX 1.07 Click
Aug HunCraft: Genocide HunCraft Interactive 1.09, 1.16.1
Oct Royal Season Renmazuo
Nov Resurgence Varanus 1.16.1 Click
Nov StarCraft: S.C.R.B.I.C. Kiran
Dec The Gallantry Desler & friends 1.10? Click Click


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan StarCraft Solid Jeeeeoker
Feb Vision of the Future 4 - Final Destiny RazorClawX 1.15.1?, 1.16.1 Click
Jun Zeji Conversion RazorClawX 1.16.1 Click
Jul Montag: Quest for Freedom Shadow Spy
Sep Guns of Tyrador Unknown
Nov Tachyon Tom "Dex" Raney


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan The Praetor Daexan Campaign 2 - Ultimate Daexan Whiplash Omega
Jan The Hybrids Mithrandir
Jan Matriarch's Revenge Unknown
Feb Starcraft Realistic Unknown 1.16.1 Russian language
Apr Terran Vengeance Unknown
Jul The Hybrids Chronicles Erl Justin Pachero
Jul Protoss 101 Unknown
Aug Wicked Reality Ling-Mac 1.07?, 1.16.1
Dec Quest for Peace Unknown
Blood Destiny Sodon


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan Total Conquest Terran Lenny Corbett 1.10?
Apr Life of a Marine Gemini Click Click
May Clan Wars Aster Click
Oct Torn Arlenton Click Click
The Flame Knives Metathrom 1.10, 1.16.1 Click
Aeon of the Hawk Metathrom 1.10, 1.16.1 Click


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Feb Newrand Citadel Messiah00Guy
Feb Banshee Blade66777 1.16.1
Mar The Confederation Unknown
Apr Fall of the Gods Snoopy 1.10?
May The Shadow Naiiphs
May The Revengers Volka
Sep Trial of the Protoss McNewgin
Oct H-Dog Plague Unknown
Oct Legacy of Kerrigan Volcove99
Zerg Expansion Zeus 1.10?, 1.16.1 Click Translated
Finale Zeus 1.10?, 1.16.1 Translated


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Mar The Avenger Ireng 1.16.1 Click
Mar Brothers of Liberty McNewgin
Apr Birth of a Legend OrcmastergroM 1.16.1
Apr Return to Power Unknown
Apr Warzone Arizona Unknown
Jun Silent Warfare NeoKamui
Jul A Starcraft Odyssey Funkybomber
Jul Enslavers III: Twisted Legacy Drake Clawfang
Sep Zantaboan LogFish
Nov Meridian 2 Cyberlord ZHM
Nov UGF StarSword
Dec StarCraft: The Shadow of Space Neo-Claw
The Chronicles of Zeratul Drake Clawfang


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Feb Space Pirates Ninchaw
Feb The Templar Archives Drake Clawfang
Apr State of War Falchion 1.16.1
May StarCraft Gold d0minik
Jul Ghost Training Drake Clawfang
Aug The Mar Sara Missions Drake Clawfang
Aug StarCraft Heroes d0minik 1.16.1?
Sep Dominion: The Koprulu Crisis Falchion
Nov The Mar Sara Missions 2 Drake Clawfang
Dec Life of a Marine: Bootcamp Gemini Click Click
Ascension of Duran Whiplash! 1.16.1 Click


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Feb Promethean LogFish
Feb Dark Swarm Legion 1.16.1
Mar The Road to Ruin Revan 1.16.1
Mar Legacy of a Warrior Marine
Mar ACMD0 Thalraxal 1.16.1 Click
Mar Odyssey Campaign 1 - The Treasure of CSS Reliant Jadefang
Jun Battle of Otto Heigndal DeProgrammer 1.16.1
Jul Starcraft Fusion d0minik
Sep KANE Krazy
Nov Starcraft Survivors GnaReffotsirk
Nov The Zakat Chronicles Krazy
Planetary Episodes episode 1 Eredalis 1.16.1?


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jul Yells of Freedom omega20
Jul The Will of Atai Krazy
Jul Celestial Reverie: The Sweet Science Desler 1.16.1 Click Click
Jul Starcraft: Reuniting Church
Jul Starcraft: Aftermath GnaReffotsirk Click
Jul Defiance of the Fallen Ricky Jr. Nomura
Jul Adun TheProgramer
Jul Rise from the Ashes Dem0nS1ayer 1.16.1
Jul Echoes Tipereth 1.16.1 Click
Aug Vile Egression Laconius 1.16.1 Click
Aug Starcraft: Hands of Power thebrowncloud & Tim
Aug The Last Cerebrate The Oracle
Sep Doodan 0 - Loyalty Doodan
Nov Cerebrate Hunters d0minik
Nov Ver Vano Siege d0minik
Ascension of Duran: Dark Purposes Whiplash! 1.16.1 Click
Planetary Episodes, episode 2 Eredalis 1.16.1?


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Feb Darmeg Alliance d0minik
Apr Empire Wars Robotronic
May Doodan 1 - Joining Forces Doodan
May Doodan 2 - The Infestation Doodan
May Doodan 3 - Retirement's End Doodan
May Doodan 4 - The Saga of Doodan Doodan
Jul Starcraft: The Black Sun mxmagic
Jul Starcraft I: Echoes of the Swarm omega20 1.16.1
Oct Starcraft: Gas Church 1.16.1
The Outworld Saga Eredalis, ReVenger, SF-Junky 1.16.1?


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Sep The NOMAD Saga: The Major Church 1.16.1
Nov Random Mission Project DaMnUFo0


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Apr StarCraft - Firestorm StratosTygo
Apr StarCraft - Storm Surge StratosTygo
Jul Black and Sunny: The 69-42 Saga mark_009_vn 1.16.1
Jul Resonance Church 1.16.1
Sep Starcraft: Reincarnation deppstrasz
Dec Star Adairis: Sector Wars StratosTygo


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jul StarCraft Alternate StratosTygo
Aug Star Adairis: Civil Conflict StratosTygo


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Nov Endless War Vae_newbis
Dec Balkhorn's Bad Times DaMnUFo0


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan Ashen's Quest through Time and Space Church 1.16.1
Feb Starcraft Uprising StratosTygo
Oct Tales of Halcyon Andrea Rosa


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jun Kevin Cooper's Story DaMnUFo0 1.16.1
Jun The Critter Campaign BounceHimUp 1.16.1 Click
Jun UED Victory Campaign StratosTygo
Jul Lorham Valadorn
Aug Antebellum GrimReaper308
Dec The Chosen Valadorn
Dec Rise of Devours Children Vorgozz 1.16.1
-- Starcraft Supremacía - Sublevación Elvici Spanish language


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Feb Salvation iquare 1.16.1
Apr Fire it Up! Vorgozz 1.16.1
Apr Glory to the Earth UEDCommander 1.2
Apr Reborn Station don_svetlio
May Salvation II: Raiders Roll iquare 1.16.1
Jun Inconsummate Pr0nogo 1.16.1
Sep The Reaver Menace iquare 1.16.1
Dec You Must Survive DarkenedFantasies


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan Project Hydra: Rebel Yell Pr0nogo 1.16.1
Jun Starcraft: Interbellum Juxtapose
Jun Brood War Alternate UEDCommander 1.2
Oct Impending Doom DaMnUFo0 Click Click
Anniversary Eredalis
Starcraft Supremacía - Resurrección Elvici Spanish language


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jan The UED AI Project Nekron 1.2
Oct Voices of the Swarm Andrea Rosa


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
Jul Migration JumpStart
Sep Turmoil of the Stars Marine 1.2
Oct As Cold as Ice JumpStart
Nov Champions of Khandia Andrea Rosa
Dec Outsiders JumpStart


Date Campaign Author Version Playthrough Info
2006? Vagrants Snoopy & Rommel 1.16.1?
E.D.A.S.T. Desler 1.04?, 1.16.1 Click Click
Operation Bravo Aiursrage2k
The Confederation Axellraff
Fury of the Shelak Unknown
Meridian Company tiferet & Cyberlord ZHM